Best PS3 Shooter Games Pertaining to The holiday season 2010

When it came to picking out the proper games to incorporate in this information as my top picks the initial choice was as easy as it could possibly be. Call Of Duty: Black Ops has already been breaking sales records inside a week of its release, and it is looking very likely indeed that it can become being the very best selling game of all time once the Christmas shopping season for 2010 is finished and finished with, so there is no way that this one could be anywhere in the very best position for recommendations. If you have was able to miss most of the excitement and anticipation and advertising for it then Call Of Duty Black Ops is really a first person shooter game that will be set in the time period of the cold war, and in which you accept the role of a special forces soldier using stealth and guile along with your sharp shooter skills to battle the forces of communist evil round the world.

Second choice is a bit more difficult. One of my favorites, and the one that provides a good contrast in style with Call of Duty as it is all about maximum damage and head on action is Battlefield Bad Company Ultimate Edition شارب شوتر. This game is also very expandable with new maps and so on that you can download once you’ve exhausted the basic game.

My third choice is really a limited edition version of Medal of Honor that has been released recently and which includes new weapons and other new features.

And on one last note, with the release of the brand new PlayStation Move controller with time for Christmas 2010 it is well worth considering buying this with a gun attachment accessory, which may create a great gift choice for any PS3 first person shooter gaming fan that you are buying with this year. I can’t recommend any specific PlayStation Move compatible shooter games to go with it, but there are a reasonable number of games released with time for Christmas to go with the brand new controller.

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