Car Racing — The numerous Kinds.

There are many types of racing and may be categorized the following:

(1) Rally Racing: Rallying involves racing in off-road areas where general people don’t drive their vehicles. The drivers and the co-drivers rally sooner or later and then leave the area at regular intervals to achieve a specific point. The drivers and their co-drivers can explore the track beforehand to be able to have a better idea of the roads. The co-drivers help the drivers to find the best possible way to achieve the destination. World Rally Championship is typically the most popular championship in this kind of race.

(2) Single-seater Racing: This is one of the most famous motor sports and involves lots of specially designed high-speed cars. They’re Racing cars open-wheels cars and generally the cars have aerofoil wings in the front and as well as rear to truly have a better adhesion to the track. Formula One is just a World Championship that is now proven to every motor sport enthusiast. This championship is the best degree of motor sport and every car racer really wants to participate in this competition.

(3) Ice Racing: This kind of racing takes invest snow or on frozen lakes. Obvious requirement for such race is extreme weather conditions and this motor sport generally takes invest high latitudes. These cars involve full rubber and studded tires for a better adhesion.

(4) Touring Car Racing: This kind of race involves highly modified production cars and it is comparatively slower than the low rider racing or the single-seater racing. Typically the most popular championship may be the World Touring Car Championship.

(5) Stock Car Racing: This kind of car racing resembles Touring car racing and is definitely an American version of the same. The car racing series popular in this kind of racing may be the NASCAR. This is generally conducted on ovals and the cars utilized in racing are much like production cars but are specifically built for racing.

(6) Drag Racing: Drag racing involves completing a specific distance in the shortest possible time. Generally this distance is 400 m and the range of cars participating in this race may be everyday car to high class racing cars. It depends which kind of car has been employed for drag racing as a street racing car can cover 400m in 15 sec and the exact same distance may be covered by a specially designed fuel dragster car in 4.5 sec.

(7) Sports Car Racing: Sports car racing takes invest a sealed circuit and in this race, purpose-built cars and sports cars production versions contend with each other. This race is particularly for long distances like 1000km and that is why this race involves multiple driver switching between them.

(8) Off-road Racing: The name tells it all, the racing of some modified cars takes place off road i.e. from city traffic. Off road famous championship series is CORR.

(9) Hill Climbing: This kind of race involves racing for the best time completion. The cars have to climb the extremely steep hills and the car with the very best completion time may be the winner.

(10) Kart Racing: Generally, most motor sport enthusiasts start their career from Kart racing. The racing tracks are quite small and the karts utilized in the race are quite different from the normal cars that operate on roads.

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