How you can Buy Used Auto Parts From the Junkyard.

The notion of visiting a junkyard, or salvage yard, to find used auto parts is distasteful with a people. It makes a graphic of dusty mountains of decaying cars that litter a huge yard of dirt. Buying part could take hours. But, those days are long gone. Today, junkyards track their inventory in databases. And while things can always be dusty, locating the parts you need is easy. Employees can check their inventory, helping you save the hassle of hours spent looking. Plus, cars often arrive at the junkyard stripped down. They’re easily dismantled and the parts are positioned together in groups.

Using The Hotline

The majority of the large junkyards use a system called a “Hotline.” In the event that you call a junkyard and ask if they carry a certain part, they’ll check their inventory database while you’re on the phone junkyards near me. If they don’t really find the part you need inside their inventory, they could use their Hotline to quickly check the inventories of neighboring junkyards. A quick tip about the Hotline: ask the junkyard that is checking other yards what that particular part would have cost if they’d it inside their inventory. You might be able to negotiate the price with the other dealer.

How Much Can You Expect To Pay?

Keep in mind that junkyards are similar to swap meets in that many prices are negotiable. This really is especially true when you’re buying parts which are not in good condition. Look for a discount or offer a lower price. Junkyards will often agree just to maneuver the inventory. That said, you can expect to pay nearly 1 / 2 of the price of a new part. As an example, a water pump for a BMW 740i could cost $140 new. Expect to pay $70 (in cash) at the junkyard.

Last Thoughts

Buying used auto parts from a junkyard is just a much different experience today than it was years ago. It’s quick, convenient and cost effective. That said, salvage yards aren’t perfect. Parts may be labeled incorrectly. If at all possible, take the part that you’re replacing with you to compare. It is additionally vital to ensure the replacement will fit your car or truck properly. Remember, refunds are seldom offered at salvage yards. In the long run, visiting the junkyard can save time and money. But, use the tips above to approach them with the right expectations.

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