Singapore: Removal of old broken air conditioning units

Are you still using your old air conditioners? It’s time to get rid of your old Singapore air conditioner units. aircon servicing 101 removal services are available for a few reasons. The main reason to have those old, broken air conditioners removed from your home is hygiene. Let’s take a look at whether this is a valid reason for getting rid of the old broken air conditioners.

Many people don’t know why their loved ones get sick. They often didn’t notice the dust mites in their house. They did a thorough job, but neglected to mention the old, unused air conditioner. We live near many industrial and construction sites. Every day, they produce dust or debris as part of their work process. These particles can travel kilometres in windblown powder form. These particles or dust are so small that they cannot be seen with naked eyes. They settled everywhere, much like an old unused air conditioner. They accumulated and became a breeding ground for dust mites over time. The weaker ones will become ill if these dust mites enter their respiratory system.

It is quite possible to get old, broken air conditioners repaired and used again. Many of these old air conditioners have reached the end of their manufacturing lives and are no longer available for spare parts. Some of the old air conditioners were salvaged from scrap, and they worked until their last day without needing to be replaced. They eventually stop producing cool air or wear out. It becomes more difficult and costly to find the old parts of an aircon. The hygiene issue can be dangerous if the aircon is left to collect dust and other debris. To eliminate this hygiene problem, we recommend that old broken aircon be removed.

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