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It’s a strange world. Imagine a cafe. Today imagine the federal government creates a rival restaurant correct opposite. The newest place is financed by the tax payer and the foodstuff is subsidised. The initial restaurant struggles. Fewer people consume there and the master reductions back. Ultimately the previous restaurant announces it’s shutting down.

Today the federal government restaurant managers experience guilty. They realize they’ve set the resistance out of business through unfair competition and they are worried somebody might start to problem why public money has been applied to repeat a current professional company and then destroy it.

Therefore they provide to help the previous cafe. “Don’t walk out business” they say, “Our cook may make your diet for you and you should use our tables and seats “.

Exactly what a crazy circumstance! Nothing beats that can occur in real life correct? Incorrect! It’s happening in the UK correct now. Maybe you have heard of anything called Shore To Shore? It was the local news process on ITV’s TVS place between 1982 and 1992.

And what a process it was. Formally Britain’s many successful local news process, it loved excellent rankings and was voted the nation’s top local news display by the Royal Television Culture three times. Scott Debens and Liz Wickham were the anchors and Ron Lobeck shown the weather. In those times Shore to Shore had number true competition top news websites. The BBC provided anything called “London Plus “.If you existed in Kent, where our movie generation company relies, you were fortunate if they covered a story here once a week.

Then in 2001 BBC exposed South East Today at Tunbridge Wells. It was lavishly financed with a budget of more than £8m per year elevated through the compulsory certificate fee. It applied some talented people and did a good work (I should know, I produced its main news process for five decades!). The grade of ITV Meridian’s news begun to fade, rankings dropped, promotion revenue slumped. Early in 2009 Meridian announced it was all but shutting its Kent news operation. Presenters, camera crews, editors and right back space team were handed their P45s.

So how gets the BBC reacted? Surprisingly it’s providing to prop up Meridian by giving, “Local news infrastructure including fresh photograph material and data engineering “.Somewhat like the story of the 2 cafes- really don’t you believe?!

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