Your 3 Best Ibiza Boat Trips & Tours – 2021 Reviews

There are certainly a wide selection of boat trips and tours around Ibiza. You can take a whole day trip and see all of the historic and cultural sites. Also see our Ibiza Travel Guide. Visit for travsel info about Ibiza

Maybe you’d prefer simply to take some time splashing in the warm Mediterranean Sea or snorkeling in Ibiza. Or perhaps you’re planning to the Mediterranean to party, and you wish to experience an Ibiza boat party.

Whatever you wish to do, there is a perfect boat hire in Ibiza for you. I’ve selected out 5 top-rated Ibiza excursions that I do believe you’ll enjoy. Just read through the reviews below and see which is better for you.

Ibiza: 1-Day Boat Tour Excursion

This is a good tour if you wish to see all the key attractions of Ibiza, on land and sea, all within one day. It’s also a way to witness a sublime Mediterranean sunset from aboard a luxury ship.
You’ll board ship in San Antonio to commence your tour of discovery and sail south to admire the stunning limestone formation of Es Vedra Island.

This natural, 1,300-feet-tall monolith stands in the ocean off the southwestern coast of Ibiza. In Homer’s Odyssey, this really is where in fact the Sirens sang to lure sailors to their deaths. Visit for more information about ibiza boat and cruise tours.

Ibiza: 3-Hour All-Inclusive Boat Trip

If what you really want to do is have some fun in the water, this is the greatest boat charter in Ibiza for you. Not merely do you get to see scenic views of the west coast of Ibiza, but in addition you get the chance to snorkel, kayak, or have a great time on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP).

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